I started writing poetry in 2015 before I moved to Suffolk. The inspiration and poems came in a two week wave of creativity when I wrote the poems in Reflections and some of the poems in Landscapes.

Moving to Suffolk brought a new creative drive and the remaining poems in Landscapes are inspired by this county and my initial exploration of the places near where I live.

I have included some extracts of poems from the booklets below. I continue to write when inspiration appears with a determination to make me capture ideas in verse.

image   Reflections :  11 poems about modern life and death

Price £4 each or £7 for both booklets (plus postage and packaging)

Extract from “Commuting”

“Did you know fish wear shoes?
Sardines do
Packed in carriages
With sightless eyes.

They wear jackets too,
Snug against the cold.
No grilling in the sunshine here.

They wear jackets too,……………”



The drudge and sludge of living
In squalor and decline
Reduces human dignity
Left far behind.

Survival is priority
For the majority.
When social systems struggle
There is no safeguard bubble.

The sign of civilisation
Is wisdom, actualisation.

When finding a way
Lives on a dump of our decay
In stench and filth
What do we say?

How do we attend to human need
When we live in places fostering human greed?


image  Landscapes : 16 poems inspired by nature 

Price £4 each or £7 for both booklets (plus postage and packaging)

Extract from “The pheasants of Suffolk”

“The pheasants of Suffolk could be a rare breed
As they pause at the side of the road as they feed.
They rush to cross over when a car passes by,
Never thinking that they could take to the sky.

They end up at best with feathers all ruffled,
And hear curses from drivers, not quite muffled………”



Couples walk across the Autumn landscape
Heading to dance in some far field,
Carrying volts of high tension
Electricity that makes their fingers tingle.
Powerful emotions emanate,
As I watch wistfully across the gate,
See human scale construction.
A line of marching skeletons
Cast in metal against the skies
Generating, vibrating, humming
Carrying messages from “B” to where?

Alien monstrosities of silver,
Angular statements of evolution.
Running marathons of relays
Against ploughed earth.
The scale of progress in a world of dull grey light.



I am again writing poetry about the world around us, from charity fundraisers that make me angry, to blackbirds in my back garden.  Almost anything can inspire poetry.


They put us in a boat
We dunno it don’t float.
When fuel is gone
And sea is storm,
No land to see,
A hundred we.
My man’s in a camp and my dad is gone.
Going to Europe to get work and home.
Citizenship in a new land.
Sea now between us and old sand.
I want to learn sew, better than before.
I left to go knocking on foreign door.
No one tell us sea is long way
They take our money, make us pay.
Our dreams are real, and so is the fear
To stay or go is a small choice.
We live in the old way
Or try for a new day.
Some will survive; my children I hope.
They send us back,
We come again
To move to better places.
I saw man die in the sea last time
Better place than old home town.
The boats that rescue bring us there
Wrapped in blankets, cold, starving.
One fear replacing another.
Mother, father, sister, brother
Come and follow where we lead
Our feet imprinted on new shores.