Summer Water Features


My new line of water features is now available.  Inspired by fungi in the wild hey are similar to a bubble pond but with more texture in the design so the water trickles down between the fronds.  Made of stoneware they can withstand the outdoors but could equally be used as an indoor water feature.  They are available in a variety of colours – more pictures to follow soon.

For working demonstrations click on the following YouTube links:

Size  Diameter:     Approximately 26-27cm    Height:  Between 16-18 cm                  Price   £70

Size as above.     Price £65 (due to fewer firings)

(please note sizes may  vary slightly depending on variations in clay and firing).

To ensure your water feature provides pleasure for many years it is advisable to either disconnect in winter and store indoors or to ensure the whole feature is dry before wrapping in a waterproof material over winter.  This is to prevent ice forming between the fronds and cracks forming which could damage the piece.
Please note water features may not be held in stock but may be ordered as a private commission.

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